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Arena Platinum is the High Roller for 32 players

The program of La Notte degli Assi Platinum will be completed by a super High Roller “by invitation” which will be called Arena Platinum, in deference to the successful format proposed in recent months by the Imperium Room in Milan. The Arena Platinum is a very special tournament that involves the presence of 32 “high roller” players who will be invited by the organization of La Notte degli Assi Platinum. It will take place in the final days of the poker event at the end of May, exactly 28 and 29 May. The invitation and participation will be valid only upon registration at the cashiers of the Casino. The buy-in will be 1’500€ (1’350 +150) and the tournament will be played over two days in freezeout mode, so there will be no re-entry. The starting stack will be 30’000 chips and the duration of the levels will go from 30 minutes in Day1 to 45 minutes in Day2. Day1 will start at 8pm on May 28 and will consist of 10 levels of 30 minutes each. It will be possible to start the tournament directly at Day2 which, thanks to the regressive structure, will start from level 500/1000, therefore with 30 big blinds for each new participant.

The total prize pool for the Arena Platinum tournament with 32 participants will be 43’200€ for a 16’000€ first coin.