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306,000 euro prize pool and today Day2B

Registration for this 200,000-guaranteed Night of Aces at the Admiral Casino in Mendrisio closes at 612 for a total prize pool of 306,000 euros, more than 50 percent more than budgeted. The Day1F exploit brought in 164 players and there were 55 players who made it through the day’s 13 levels. The best of them was Fabio Frusca with 470,000 chips. There was no shortage of well-known names such as Claudio Swissy Rinaldi, Antonio Scalzi, Vincenzo Scarpitti and Mario Supermet Perati. The 55 left join the 71 left from Day1D and Day1E to make up the 126 who will battle it out for Day2B starting at 4 p.m. today. Nine levels will be played and the survivors will qualify for Day3 on Sunday where they in turn will find the 23 qualifiers. All those who advance to Day3 will already be in the money and will share the €306,000 total prize pool. The Day2B Dinner Break will be after 4 levels, at 7:30 pm. Cash Game tables will already be open from 3pm.

Among the Day2B qualifiers also a top player of international caliber like Sergio Castelluccio. Here is his interview:

Here is the redraw of the 126 qualifiers for Day2B starting today at 4pm: