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61 left in the money, Pavoni leader of Day2B

We’ve reached the grand finale of this Night of Aces with a 200,000-guarantee, which actually turned into a monstrous prize pool of €306,000 thanks to the 612 entrants. A total of 168 entered Day2B and 38 of them gained a pass for the Final Day. Among them, the best was Emanuele Pavoni who, however, placed third in the overall count of the finalists, still led by Gaetano Napoli, fresh from Day2A. The 38 left from the second Day2 were added to the 23 from the first and in all there are 61 players qualified for the last act, all strictly in the money. The start of Day3 is at 14.00 and will start from level 6,000/12,000 according to the regressive structure which has made the tournament extremely playable. The levels will no longer be 45 but 60 minutes. The minimum prize for the Day3 qualifiers is €1,000, while everyone’s goal is to win the €60,000 first prize, in addition to the coveted bracelet at stake. In addition to Pavoni, other big names have qualified for this Final Day. Among them stand out the names of Mario Supermet Perati, Luca Cristantielli, Maurizio Yankeeboy Melara, Giulio Astarita and Predrag Budakovic. All 61 players who made it through to Day3 will also take home a free entry to the Nebiopoli Carnival in Chiasso, exactly for the parade on Saturday 4 February.

Below is the complete payout and the Day3 redraw.