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A 4-card “night”

And as in any self-respecting Night of Aces, the tasty 4-card prologue of La Notte dell’Omaha cannot be missing in this edition either.

The shuffle up and deal of the second edition of this “one day” event is set for Wednesday 18 January at 6 p.m. The buy-in is the classic €350 with a possibility of re-entry and late registration until the end of the 10th level of play. The starting stack is 30,000 chips and the levels are 30 minutes. After the first 5 there will be a Dinner Break and for the occasion the Admiral Poker Food located on the first floor of the Casino will open its doors again. Naturally, the Pot Limit Omaha tournament is in 8 max mode. Here is the entire structure in detail. The previous edition was won by Rino Raise Sallustro in front of 65 players. To be sure of finding a place and to avoid waiting lists, it is already possible to register for La Notte dell’Omaha from 26 December at all cashiers’ desks at the Casino in Mendrisio.