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Admiral Poker Room is born!

December 1, 2022 is a historic date for the Admiral Casinos in Tessin because the Admiral Poker Room project officially sees the light of day. In fact, during the press conference held at the Casino of Mendrisio, was presented the new format created as part of the path that will lead the Admiral group in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the adoption of a new corporate identity. Poker, which will be played in the Admiral Poker Rooms in Mendrisio, in both tournament and Cash Game versions, was chosen as one of the main vehicles for the affirmation of the new Admiral brand identity. The objective is to expand the offer with the game that most of all allows the expansion of the marketing and communication platform. The decision was made to implement the first Admiral Poker Rooms in Mendrisio in order to underline the fact that this is not a project of a single casino, but rather is aimed at sharing and interpenetrating the various Casinos of the group. It is no coincidence that both the Cash Game and tournament activities will be shared and integrated in the Casino of Mendrisio. Even the online portal dedicated to news, information and promotions of the Admiral Poker Room is made up of a single platform named During the press conference, took part the directors of the two casinos Michele Marinari and Michael Boyschau, as well as the director of the Casino of Mendrisio and Head of Operations of the ACE holding in Zurich Emanuela Ventrici. The conference took place in the space dedicated to the tournaments that will begin with the first appointment in January. 

In addition to the Admiral Poker Room project, the Admiral Jackpot was also presented, a “mystery” that in the coming months will be connected to all slot machines in Mendrisio and Locarno.