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Cash Game every day!

The Admiral Poker Room in Mendrisio will be active every day with Cash Game tables from January 1, 2022, the official date of the “birth” of the project. The format studied by the Admiral group foresees the use of gaming material dedicated exclusively to the Poker project. The Admiral Room brand will be extended to all gaming materials, from tables to cards, from buttons to tokens; the latter will be dedicated exclusively to Poker and will be usable only at Poker tables. At the Casino of Mendrisio the game will be played in Euros. In Mendrisio the tables will be active every day from 3pm to 5am. The variants of Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha (4 and 5 cards) will be available. Limits, rake and cap will be of 3 types and also they will be common in both houses according to the following scheme:

1 2-5/5-5 5% 25200 – 1.000
2 5-10/10-10 2,5% 50 500 – 2.000
3 10-20/20-20 2,5% 75 1.000 – NL