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Duzgun wins IPO Master Mendrisio

A Bernese with Turkish origin won the first poker tournament in the history of the Admiral Casino in Mendrisio. Samuel Duzgun took home the prestigious IPO Master trophy and above all the €70,000 first place prize. The player from Berne won the IPO Master by beating in the final heads up the irreducible Bianca Baluta who came second for a win of €43,750. The final heads-up lasted over an hour after the elimination of Serbian Cvijanovic who had closed Day2 as the overall chipleader. For once there was no deal and all the finalists played for the prizes in the payout. Among other things, the final table was full of familiar faces and great players. At the start of Day3 of this very deep structure and appreciated by the whole field there were 20 players, all “in the money”. Among the first “illustrious victims” of the Final Day were Andrea Albonetti, Lorenc Puka and Daniela Parotti. Then, close to the Dinner Break, it was the turn of Roby Begni, who missed out on a historic back-to-back after winning the Master’s in Campione seven years ago. The Final Table, as mentioned, included many big names like Mario Llapi, Antonio Bernaudo and Reto Locher, but none of them made it to the final heads up. Ozren Cvijanovic just missed it, he entered the €1,100 Main Event with the ticket he won in the €120 Satellite, which was a great run.

This historic edition of IPO Master, the first tournament in the new Admiral Poker Room, ended with the prize-giving for the winner by the director Emanuela Ventrici, who also represents ACE Holding, which strongly supported Poker within the Admiral group. At the Casino of Mendrisio the daily activity of the Cash Game continues, while waiting for the announcement of the next big tournament.

Here is the definitive payout:

1Samuel Duzgun 70’000 € 
2Bianca Baluta43’750 € 
3Ozren Cvijanovic 29’000 € 
4Andrea Imperiale20’000 € 
5Reto Locher14’000 € 
6Antonio Bernaudo11’000 € 
7Reda Dfalli8’500 €
8Mario Llapi6’500 €
9Giovanni Cacciatore4’500 €
10Roberto Begni3’500 €
11Lorenc Puka3’500 €
12Fabio Minicucci3’500 €
13Daniela Parotti3’500 €
14Simone Argirò2’600 €
15Alessio Quintavalle2’600 €
16Giacomo Tagliaro2’600 €
17Ferhat Yilmaz2’600 €
18Gaspare Sposato2’600 €
19Edoardo Grassi1’750 €
20Andrea Albonetti1’750 €
21Leonardo River1’750 €
22Walter Blatter1’750 €
23Stefano Grandinetti1’750 €
24Remy Bhend1’750 €
25Guido Presti1’750 €
26Salem Pallani1’750 €
27Fabio Bini1’750 €