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Ivan Losi is the new king of the Night of Omaha

The second edition of The Night of Omaha, which serves as a prologue to the €200,000 guaranteed Night of Aces, was an incredible success. In fact, there were no less than 68 entries in the 4-card side event at the Casino ADMIRAL in Mendrisio, a new record considering that there had been 65 in the May event and 54 in the Swiss Championship of Pot Limit Omaha (SCOPLO). Total prize pool of 20,400 euros. Ivan Losi captured the €7,000 first coin, while the runner up was Marco Bianchini who consoled himself with €4,000. The structure was the canonical one with 30,000 stack and 30 minutes per level for a buy-in of 350 euros and only one chance for re-entry. As always happens with the Omaha tournament the field was respectable with high caliber players. From Claudio Swissy Rinaldi to Luca Cristantielli, from Pasquale Vinci to Cesare Augusto Poggi, not to forget Raffaele Castro, fresh winner of La Notte degli Assi and Barracuda organized by Imperium in Milan. The great variant specialists such as Matteo Crapanzano, Stefano Lagorio and Maurizio Radice could not be missed. SCOPLO winner Leonardo Bartolone and The Night of Omaha title holder Rino “Raise” Sallustro were also among the entrants. In the end there were 9 who went into the money, virtually the entire final table.

Here is the final ranking:

1º classified: Ivan Losi – ITA – 7000€

2º classified: Marco Bianchini – ITA – 4000€

3º classified: Leonardo Bartolone – ITA – 2100€

4º classified: Vittorio Castro – ITA – 1800€

5º classified: Angelo Di Vito – ITA – 1500€

6º classified: Luca Cristantielli – ITA – 1300€

7º classified: Massimo Schiralli – ITA – 1100€

8º classified: Giordano Santambrogio – ITA – 900€

9º classified: Claudio Di Giacomo – ITA – 700€