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La Notte degli Assi: instructions for use

The wait is coming to an end and La Notte degli Assi is ready to return to the Admiral Poker Room at the Casino di Mendrisio with the goal of repeating the success of the 2023 edition. Back then, the guaranteed prize pool had been €200,000 and in the end the total prize pool had broken through the €300,000 wall. This time, the prestigious “Italian” tournament is coming back to the Mendrisio Casino with a guaranteed prize pool corresponding to a “quarter” of a million euros. The formula and the period follow that of 2023, when La Notte degli Assi obtained all records on Swiss soil and turned out to be the best tournament ever organized in Mendrisio, as well as the one with the highest guaranteed prize pool ever in Switzerland. The real event of The Night of the Aces 250,000 guaranteed begins on January 17, 2024 with the first Super Sat with 20 tickets guaranteed for the first two flight. The actual Main Event begins on January 18 with Day1A, then Day1B on the 19th and Day1C on the 20th. Tickets won during the La Notte di Mendrisio tournaments that have been played since Sept. 7, as well as tickets won during the Super Sat on Jan. 17, can only be played in Day1A on Jan. 18 and Day1B on Jan. 19, with no waiver possible. Qualifiers from the first three Main Event flights reappear on January 21 for Day2A and those who manage to “survive” Day2A automatically go “in the money” for a minimum prize of €1,500 and return for the Final Day on Sunday, January 28. The second week has a similar pattern with the Super Sat on Tuesday 23, the last 3 qualifying flights on 24, 25 and 26 respectively and Day2B on Saturday, January 27. Tickets up for grabs in the Super Sat on January 23 can be used exclusively in Day1D on January 24 and Day1E on January 25. The buy-in for the Main Event is 550 euros, stacks of 50,000 chips and levels that increase from 30 minutes in Day1 to 40 minutes in Day2 and Final Day. It is possible to reserve your seat exclusively for Day1 of the Main Event (not for Super Sat) by sending an email to or using the form on the website. Reservations guarantee seat availability until the start of the chosen Day1. To validate the online reservation, it is necessary to purchase the buy-in at the Casino’s cashiers, which are open daily starting at 11 a.m. Registration for the Night of Aces Main Event can be made at the Casino’s cashiers exclusively on the GD of the chosen Day1. All those who hold Day1A/B or Day1D/E tickets can go directly to the tournament area without going through the cashiers. Participants in Day2A, Day2B and Final Day are encouraged to arrive at the Casino well in advance in order to avoid queues for the parking lots and at the entrance to the casino. Each day when the Main Event is scheduled, there is a 45-minute dinner break around 8:30 p.m., during which players can take advantage of the dedicated service at the Admiral Bistro at the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio.

You can find the full structure and paytable of the Night of Aces 250,000 guaranteed Main Event by clicking here.