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The “Night” is red and black with Steva10

“It really is the year of the Milan fans”: this is how Claudio Rinaldi comments on Luca Steva10 Stevanato’s success in this Platinum Aces Night! The pro from Padova had traveled to Milan to celebrate his favorite team’s 19th Scudetto and stopped at the Casino di Mendrisio to play the Night of Aces Platinum. He had tried in Day1A, but a bad beat against Giovanni Cacciatore, famously one of the luckiest players on the circuit, had cost him elimination. He tried again in Day1B and this time he went straight through to today’s Final Table to which he went in as the overall chipleader. The field of the magnificent 9 in the hunt for the first prize of 40 thousand was respectable, included among others just “Swissy” Rinaldi, Cesare Raso and Alessio Astone. The first seat open was Claudio Rinaldi himself, followed closely by Andrea Albonetti, Pietro Sonaglio and Fatjon Koshi. Just before the dinner break it was the turn of Carmelo Farruggio, who had come in as Day2 chipleader. After dinner it was the turn of Cesare Raso and Luca Ranghino until the final heads up between Luca Steva10 and Alessio Astone. In the end Luca Stevanato came out on top and lined up the 144 participants taking home the 40,000 euros and the prestigious “Night of Aces” branded bracelet.

Here is the overall payout of this first edition of La Notte degli Assi Platinum

  1. Luca Stevanato – ITA – 40,000 euros
  2. Alessio Astone – ITA – 25,000 euros
  3. Luca Ranghino – ITA – 15,000 euros
  4. Cesare Raso – ITA – 10,000 euros
  5. Carmelo Farruggio – ITA – 8,500 euros
  6. Fatjon Koshi – ALB – 6,500 euros
  7. Pietro Sonaglio – ITA – 4,500 euros
  8. Andrea Albonetti – ITA – 3,500 euros
  9. Claudio Rinaldi – CH – 3,000 euros
  10. Daniele Ferro – ITA – 2,600 euros
  11. Davide Tamburrini – ITA – 2,600 euros
  12. Giovanni Cacciatore – ITA – 2,200 euros
  13. Giovanni Il Mandriano – ITA – 2,200 euros
  14. Andrea Salamone – ITA – 2,000 euros
  15. Edoardo Denna – ITA – 2,000 euros