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Back to back SCOPLO for Bartolone

Leonardo Bartolone reconfirms himself as Swiss Pot Limit Omaha champion for the second consecutive time! In the last SCOPLO edition in September 2022 he had prevailed over 54 players and this time the entry total was not so different, in fact 47 4-card specialists gathered at the tables of the Admiral Poker Room.

A few days before the SCOPLO tournament, Leonardo Bartolone was presented with the trophy from the first edition held in Mendrisio, and in less than a week, a double up of trophies was made!

In this edition, Leonardo Bartolone, a historical player of both Hold’em and Omaha tournaments in Canton Ticino, lined up great 4-card lovers like Ottaviano Capellini, Claudio Di Giacomo, Cesare Augusto Poggi and Ivan Losi, winner of La Notte dell’Omaha.

Here is the payout:

  1. Leonardo Bartolone – ITA – €5,500
  2. Giuseppe Genellini – ITA – €3,000
  3. Cesare Augusto Poggi – ITA – €2,200
  4. Guido Barbera – ITA – 1’600€
  5. Enzo Diciolla – ITA – 1’100€ 5.
  6. Luca Saverio Cristantielli – ITA – €700

Don’t miss the interview with the SCOPLO winner made a few days before the tournament: