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Bernaudo is the king of Omaha Night

The third edition of The Night of Omaha saw as many as 41 four-card lovers lined up at the tables of the Admiral Poker Room. Many familiar faces and just as many new faces enlivened the tournament area on Sunday, January 14. These included Rino Raise and Ivan Losi, winners of the first two editions of La Notte dell’Omaha, Pasquale Vinci and Ottaviano Capellini. At the end of late registration Michele Luca Rocci led the 20 left with 142,000 chips, but unfortunately he left the tournament without going ITM.

The Final Table of La Notte dell’Omaha consisted of high-caliber players such as Vittorio Castro and Claudio Swissy Rinaldi, a 5-ranked player in the four-card tournament. The prologue of La Notte degli Assi sees Antonio Bernaudo crowned as the winner of the third edition of La Notte dell’Omaha who, in addition to the title, takes home a €5,000 first coin and the prestigious bracelet.

The 6 players ITM were:

1 classified : Antonio Bernaudo (ITA) – €5,000

2 classified : Riki (ITA) – 2’300€

3 classified : Giovanbattista Ferraro (ITA) – 1’750€

4 classified : Diego Carotta (ITA) – 1’350€

5 classified : Claudio Swissy Rinaldi (CH) – 1’000€

6 classified : Claudio Ciarolu (ITA) – 700€

Among the awardees of The Night of Omaha is Claudio Swissy Rinaldy, whose interview we offer: