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Omaha will also have its “Night”

La Notte Degli Assi Platinum that will be hosted by the Admiral Poker Room from May 23 to 29 has a program for all tastes in poker, which in addition to the Main Event and its satellites, offers two side events of high level. The first in chronological order is La Notte Dell’Omaha which will be a “one day” event that will be played on Wednesday 25th May and will be dedicated to all 4-card lovers. The buy-in will be 350 euros and the start will be at 6pm with 10 levels of late registration. The game levels will be 30 minutes with a starting stack of 30’000 chips. For each player there will be a chance to re-enter by the tenth level of play. There will be no dinner break, but there will be a Snack Bar for players throughout the tournament. In recent months the Cash area of the Admiral Poker Room has often hosted games of Pot Limit Omaha 4-card, 5-card and Dealer Choice. Surely the great fans of Omaha who habitually attend the Casino of Mendrisio will not miss it. But there are great expectations for the vast community of lovers of the 4-card variant from all over northern Italy and Switzerland. The prize for the winner of the Omaha Night will be the first title awarded in this Notte Degli Assi Platinum.