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For the first time SCOP ONE 20k!

Among the big news in this edition of the Swiss Championship of Poker scheduled from May 24 to June 4 is definitely SCOP ONE 20,000 guaranteed, or the “all in one day” Side Event that will take place on Sunday, May 28. 

Day2A on Saturday 27 will effectively close the first phase of the 100,000-guaranteed Main Event, and the next day, Sunday 28, there will be a chance to play this “one day” event with a 200 euro buy-in and a 20,000 euro guaranteed prize pool. 

The top 10 finishers in SCOP ONE will have as many tickets worth 250 euros for Day1D on Wednesday, May 31. SCOP ONE will have a 30,000 stack structure and 30 minutes per level. It will be possible to register or re-enter until the end of the 10th level of play. Each player will have the opportunity to re-enter twice. 

Within the tournament there will be a one-hour dinner break during which dedicated service can be enjoyed inside the Admiral Poker Food.