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SCOP: Spina leads Day2B

The SCOP 100,000€ GTD Main Event saw a total of 455 entries generating a total prize pool of €102,375.

At the end of the 13th level of play of the last 3 flights, 97 players had managed to bag their way through to Day2B. The Day1F chipleader, as well as the best of the last three flights, was Stefano Spina, who arrived at the start of Day2B with 598,000 chips.

Among the familiar faces who made it to Day2B were Raffaele Castro, Claudio di Giacomo and Claudio Rinaldi. There are also two pink quotas such as Ana Maria David and Loredana Cresta.

The date for the 97 qualifiers from the last three flights is today, Saturday 3 June, at 4pm at the tables in the Admiral Poker Room. It will start again from blinds 1,000/2,500 in a regressive structure with levels rising from 30 minutes on Day1 to 40 minutes on Day2. All those who manage to qualify at the end of the 11 levels of play of Day2B will present themselves on Sunday 4 June at 2pm for the Final Day and will all be “in the money”. There are currently 11 left qualified for the Final Day, namely Michele Zullo, Gaetano Napoli, Andrea Cortellazzi, Samuele Paoletta, Albert Mihalache, Morgan Crosta, Matteo Sbrana, Michele Carletta, Sebastiano Privizzini, Daniele Palma and Antonino Resta.

Here is the Redraw of the 97 players qualified for Day2B. Start at 16:00.