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Two Super Satellites with 20 tickets!

The buy-in for the Platinum version of La Notte degli Assi will be 1’000€ and will take place at the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio from 23 to 29 May. There will be two flights available to qualify for Day2. But La Notte degli Assi Platinum will also be accessible to those who don’t want to pay the 1’000€ buy-in directly, but can try to win the precious registration through the Super Satellites for just 120€. In fact, on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 May at 8pm there will be two Super Satellites with 10 tickets of 1’000€ guaranteed each. The tickets up for grabs in the two Super Sat will only be valid for Day1A on Thursday 26 May. Both Sat’s will feature a starting stack of 20,000 chips and 18-minute blinds. The late registration and the single re-entry available will be valid until the end of the tenth level of play. It is not possible to book a seat for the two Super Satellites online or by email, but it will be possible to purchase the €120 buy-in directly at the Casinò di Mendrisio starting from 2nd May at 11am.